Chef Signature[+] Served w. Soup or Salad
  • Lemon Chicken 18.00

    Crispy crunchy filet chicken w. lemon flavor sauce 

  • Scottie Salmon 20.00

    Grill filet Scottie salmon / seasonal mix vegetable / Balsamic teriyaki sauce 

  • Black Pepper Tuna 20.00

    With terragon win sauce & season vegetable 

  • Wok Sauteed Filet of Flounder 20.00

    Chef choice seasonal vegetable in special white sauce 

  • spicy Curry Pan-Seared Duck Breast 24.00

    Asian mix vegetable with boneless duck breast in Thai creamy curry sauce 

  • Grand Marnier Shrimp 25.00

    Crispy crunch jumbo shrimp in grand Marnier with mix fruit 

  • Rack of Lamb 26.00

    Served with potato and spring mix green salad 

  • Oven-Roasted Filet Mignon 26.00

    Tender filet Mignon with potato & asparagus, served In wine sauce 

  • Chilean Sea Bass 27.00

    Served in black bean sauce 

  • spicy Ocean Curry 28.00

    Jumbo shrimp / scallop / squid / mussel with mix vegetable in coconut curry sauce 

  • spicy Szechuan Spicy Fish 28.00

    Filet flounder with bean sprout, Chinese cabbage, scallion / cilantro, spicy Szechuan sauce serve in a bow 

  • spicy XO Seafood Delight 32.00

    Lobster tail /scallop /jumbo shrimp mix vegetable in chef special xo sauce 

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